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FREE Christmas Symbols Kindergarten Pack


I was planning on doing a theme day yesterday, but life just seem to take over.  So, we just took a “snow day” even though it didn’t snow.  It snowed a few days ago…so that counts right?   Looks like we will just have to pull this out next week and start our Christmas break […]

Christmas Countdowns You’ll Love


If you’re still looking for a Christmas Countdown that focuses on Christ for next month, I have two that you’ll love!  I actually combined these together last year.  Both of these countdowns can be purchased and downloaded immediately.  But the best part, everything is planned out for you. We’ve done Truth in the Tinsel the […]

Everyday Emmanuel


What’s in the Bible? has created a wonderful Christmas season family activity book called Everyday Emmanuel. It is a fun, easy-to-use family Christmas Countdown experience designed to help families make the most of Christmas and better understand the true meaning of the season. You will receive a 68 page PDF download that you can print […]

Candy Cane Observations!


It seems like it has been forever since we did an observation activity!  So, I am excited to let you know that you don’t have to wait anymore!  The Candy Cane Observation activity is a great way to talk about senses with your kiddo, while introducing them to an important scientific skill.  Plus, learning is […]

Candy Cane Color and Counting Books

We are rolling out one more Christmas themed unit this week!  This week we are working on Candy Canes.  Here are a couple of resources that might help you if you are still looking for some seasonal resources.    The Candy Cane Counting Book will cover the numbers 1-10.  Your kiddo can count the objects and […]