New Butterfly Unit

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Spring is in the air and new life is popping up everywhere.  So, we thought we would bring you a BRAND “NEW” UNIT on BUTTERFLIES

sneak peek

All our printables are in one easy download. Just click the image above to download a single zip file of all the printables. (Can’t unzip it. Try Hamster Free Zip Archiver approved by Amber’s husband. Remember to download carefully.)

You will need to be able to view pop-ups to download the unit, as it will appear in a pop up window from our site! Last year’s printables are also included in this download.
Here are some of the printables that MAY BE included in this unit:

  • Butterfly Parts 
  • Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
  • Roll & Graph
  • Letter Sort
  • Writing Maze
  • Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
  • Size Sort
  • Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
  • Spelling Book
  • Count & Clip

Tot Pack
Looking for some ideas for a younger tot? Check out our Butterfly Tot Pack. (Tot Packs inspired by 1+1+1=1.) Here are the printables included in this pack:   Tot Book- Butterfly

  • Butterfly Match
  • Butterfly Shapes 
  • Count the Caterpillars
  • Butterfly Colors (mini book)
  • Size Sequencing
  • Butterfly Picture Puzzle

Products We Use with Our Units

Looking for more ideas?

There are also more ideas, units, printables and crafts available on our Pinterest Board!
We hope you enjoy these printables and please let us know if you have any issues with downloading or using the items provided. 

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  1. says

    My daughter likes using the pattern templates as a cutting strip.

  2. says

    Trying to download both packs for my boys but the links aren’t working.

  3. says

    Cathy- I’m in the process of moving my printables to a new server. I will try to get these up and working for you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your patience.

  4. says

    Thanks so much for sharing all of your hard work. Amazing resource! Is there a place to see a list of the Tot Packs? I can’t get many of them to download or even open. The Pre-K one on Butterflies isn’t working either.

  5. says

    I’m in the process of updating links on the website. I had to move all my resources to google drive, so many of the links are out dated. The links for the butterfly pack are working now. Thanks so much for your patience.

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