Snow & Ice Center Ideas

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So, I’m a lot late getting this post up today.  The boy had his well check and had to get 4 shots today!  Poor guy.  He did pretty good for the first two, but wasn’t really thrilled with having to get two more.  Fortunately, he won’t have to get any more for 7 years!  He was a trooper and shook off the experience quickly.  This mama sure doesn’t like to deal with the whole shot thing.  I was so relieved that my husband was in there to hold my hand, I mean the boy’s hand.

Alright, I guess you’d might like some center ideas this week, huh? Well, we are expanding our Snow & Ice Theme printables, so I tracked down some ideas that I hope you’ll enjoy. Remember to go over how to do the activity with your kiddo before allowing them to do it independently.


For our Snow & Ice week, I found some felt matching activity using shapes from Making Learning Fun. I’ll you’ll need is some white or blue felt.  Then cut out several of the shapes on page 1. Using the felt shapes to create the snowflakes on the cards provided.

Snowflake Visual Discrimination Activity

Felt or Flannel boards are a fun way to retell stories or even for matching activities.  If you don’t have one, they are easy to make.  I found several tutorials on the web, my favorite from Itty Bitty Love. I love that it is small for kiddos and CHEAP!!  If you’d like to make a bigger one then check out Totally Tots or Teach Preschool for inspiration.

Fine Motor

My Montessori Journey has wonderful winter based activities that will help your child work on their fine motor skills and practical life skills.

Pretend Play

Sensory bins are a great way to keep kiddos entertain for long periods of time.  Here are a couple of examples I found around the world wide web.  Just follow the links below to get a closer look at what’s inside.

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    These are such lovely ideas. I would love for you to link this up at Thinky Linky Thursday on my blog, Cachey Mama’s Classroom! Thanks :)

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    Those are some great ideas!  And just in time, too, since our “theme” for next week is winter fun based around the letter “Ii” being for igloo.  I especially love that I ought to be able to find a lot of the materials for these activities at home already or inexpensively! Thank you!

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