Nativity Fun

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One of our readers, Jackie, e-mailed us yesterday about a site she had seen.  What she found was Paper Model Kiosk, a web site which specializes in premium paper downloads.  At Paper Model Kiosk you register (so you will need an e-mail address for them) and then you can download some BEAUTIFUL paper nativities free of charge!  Some of the downloads do cost something, but if you browse around you can find some beautiful ones, like these, FOR FREE:

  image  image image

Be warned that some of these do not lend themselves to simplicity, but I needed something to do with E for today’s post, so I figured I would find something here and we could make it!  All of the downloads have to be printed on cardstock and cut out, and the detail can be difficult for little ones.  I cut ours out in advance and let E cut the straight lines on the bottom. 

P1080205 P1080207

We then put ours together, and there wasn’t much to it.  It was SUPER easy. So did E like it? See for yourself:

Now lets say that you are not one for following download directions.  You need something simple, quick, and kid friendly.  If its decent looking, all the better, right?  Well, here you go….


Let your kiddo cut out the figures and glue them, and their shapes, in place on the nativity.

See, something for all you mommies out there!! 



  1. says

    Super love this, I’m going to share this on all play on sunday blog.

  2. says

    You’re welcome Michelle!  I have to confess I was inspired by E’s Sunday school activity from this week!  It wasn’t shape matching but it got the wheels turning in the right direction!

  3. says

    Ahhh…the fashion necklace.  Few people could work that, but I, I was one of them! 

  4. says

    Love this! :) For some reason while reading this it brought back memories of Target and a certain “fashion necklace”.

  5. Michelle says

    I love the idea of the shape matching idea with the nativity… thank you!!

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