Boo! It’s a Sensory Bin!!!

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Ok, so who doesn’t love some sensory bin ideas???  We are not BIG Halloween people, but we do like to have some fun with this goofy holiday.  I set out to create a Halloween Sensory Bin that was fun and not frightening.  Mission accomplished according to E.  :) 


I got all of my materials from the Dollar Tree or Targets Dollar Spot (LOVE that by the way) with the exception of the foam stickers.  I got those at Michaels with this COUPON for 40% off.  Here is what I put in:


  • A pack of shredded paper confetti in black, orange, and white
  • Some of those fuzzy pom-pom monsters
  • A few “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” foam stickers
  • Pumpkin Erasers
  • Bat Erasers
  • Some plastic spiders

Now, I will be honest, sometimes I have been a skeptic of the sensory bin, unsure of what the big deal was.  But then, E played with this sensory bucket! 


What did we do?  We looked for Snoopy.  We counted pumpkins and bats.  We found pom pom monsters of varied colors, and we counted them because apparently E is like Rain Man and wants to COUNT EVERYTHING.  :)  We played and played, and then, when I put the bucket up, we had the promise of another go around tomorrow! 

Want a couple of more ideas?  Check out these! 

image  Halloween Sensory Bin From Airplanes in August
Halloween Sensory Bin from Nurturing Naters image

You can also check out an entire list of AWESOME sensory bins for the season over at Preschool Lesson Plans if you need some more inspiration!



  1. says

    That is an awesome sensory bin! What great ideas.

  2. a49erfangirl says

    What an awesome Sensory Bin idea. I have to try making these for my daughter.

  3. says

    You’ll have to try it Kayla and let us know how it goes!

  4. says

    I held off for a long time making these with E, but now they are one of her favorite things to do!   I like seeing all of the different ways to use them too!

  5. says

    It was so easy to make to!  The ideas out there are endless!


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