Apple Science

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The boy and I did another observation activity.  This time we observed APPLES.  

Apple Observation Chart
 Click to Download.

Unfortunately, we ran out of printer ink and I was unable to print it!  I was bummed.  So, we had to improvise.  I let him touch my computer screen to point out his answer.


  • an apple 
  • observation sheet
  • crayons or markers


  • Use the worksheet to guide your observations. 

IMG_9180  IMG_9174

  • You can decide ahead of time if you want them to listen to the apple as they take a bite out of it or just listen to it as a whole.  We decided to use the “crunch” factor.

IMG_9170  IMG_9173

  • If your kiddo doesn’t understand the term sweet, sour or salty.  Pull out the salt by all means and have them taste it. Have them drink a little water to clean their palate. Then ask them to taste the apple. Do they taste the same? 

IMG_9171  IMG_9175

Special Note: When observing the texture I tried to use clip art that your child could relate to and that would be around everyone’s house.  I used a mirror to represent smooth and a cheese grater to represent rough.  So, if you child doesn’t know the term smooth have him/her touch a mirror and say, “This is smooth.”  Do the same with the cheese grater. Then have him/her compare what they are observing to both objects.  You can then ask your child, “Is your ______ smooth like the mirror or rough/bumpy like the cheese grater?”

If you have more than one apple variety you can have a taste test and graph the results.

 Click to Download.

And that was it.  As I mentioned before the boy loves observation sheets, but he likes them even better when he actually gets to eat something when he does it!

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    Thank you so much for all of the amazing resources you provided in your apple unit! I am preparing to host a preschool playdate for toddlers this week, and I have been able to get SO MANY great ideas and printables from you all. I will be telling all of the other mommies about your site for sure!

  2. says

    You are so welcome Kelly. I’m glad we were able to help provide some resources for you.


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