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This unit has been expanded. So, head over HERE to download the whole updated pack.  Plus, grab the tot pack as well. 

This week we have been learning all about FROGS!

Here is what we’ve been doing this week. Let us know what you think.  We hope by providing these materials to you free of charge, it will make your life easier!

Lesson Plan: The lesson plan includes all the lessons for the week, as well as optional ideas. Items following the lesson plan are just the printables or links to websites we used to teach these plans.  (Please note: On top of our lesson plan we are reading books daily that relate to our theme.)

Memory Verse: This memory card is for daily use during our calendar time.  You can learn more about calendar time at 1+1+1=1 or Homeschool Creations.  Our weekly devotional is an object lesson that will help your child apply the meaning of the verse to them.

Day 1: Frog Intro
F is for Frog Magnet Page- Helps your child with letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds.

Feed the Frog- This activity will help your child begin to read, count and model whole numbers 1-10.

Parts of A Frog- This is a fun science activity that will help your child label and identify the parts of a frog.

Day 2: Frog Habitat
Lily Pad Letter Sounds- Have your child match the pictures to their beginning sound.

Lily Pad Number Match– Work on recognizing numbers and counting proficiency.
Frog Habitat Craft– Grab some craft supplies and build a frog habitat with your child.  Talk about where frogs live, and that they can live on land and in water because they are amphibians.

Day 3: Frog Life Cycle
Tadpole Spelling Puzzle- This activity will help your child begin to recognize that when letters are combined they form words.

Frog Life Cycle Patterns– Helps your child with critical thinking skills and they observe and re-create patterns.

Life Cycle of a Frog- Use this craft to create and discuss the life cycle of a frog.

We hope you enjoy these lesson plans and please let us know if you have any issues with downloading or using the items provided.

Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else. You MAY link people here. When leading others to these printables, please link to THIS page, not the 4shared file page.  Thanks! (See TOU)


  1. says

    Just wondering what books you read for this theme.

  2. says

    These few words cannot express my gratitude however-Thanks you so much for sharing!, I’m excited to share things I loved to learn about in such a fun/exciting manner.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for sharing everything for free. These are fabulous resources for my students with disabilities – Kindergarten – 2nd grade. I appreciate you being willing to share with others. 

  4. Scottmangano says

    Just wondering what books you read for this theme.

  5. says

    Thanks so much!  We are going to be studying frogs in two weeks and I’ve been having a hard time finding things to go with our study, particularly the frog life cycle.  I really appreciate you sharing!

  6. Jessica says

    Have they all been removed? :(

    • says

      Nope. The unit has been updated. You can find all the printables here –

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