The Farm

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This unit has been expanded. So, make sure and check out the additional printables here.

Here is what we’ve been doing this week. Let us know what you think.  We hope by providing these materials to you free of charge, it will make your life easier! 

Lesson Plan: The lesson plan includes all the lessons for the week, as well as optional ideas. Items following the lesson plan are just the printables or links to websites we used to teach these plans.  (Please note: On top of our lesson plan we are reading books daily that relate to our theme throughout the week.)

Memory Verse: This memory card is for daily use during our calendar time.  You can learn more about calendar time at 1+1+1=1 or Homeschool Creations.  Our weekly devotional is an object lesson that will help your child apply the meaning of the verse to them. Day 1:

Build the Letter F- Teaches your child how letters are constructed by creating the shape with play-doh.

How Many Spots?– This activity will help your child begin to read, count and model whole numbers 1-10.

Sesame Street Farm Playlists– Offers a variety of activities (videos and games) related to life on a farm.

Click to Play Click to Play

Day 2:

R is for Rooster- Teaches your child how letters are linked to sounds to form letter-sound correspondence.

R for Rooster

Roll A Barn– This activity will help your child begin to read whole numbers 1-6. We found this at Play To Learn Printables.

Click One of the Images to Download Click One of the Images to Download

Farm Tot Pack– Offers a variety of activities to reinforce number, color and letter recognition.  I collaborated with Carisa from 1+1+1=1 to create it.

Day 3:

Farm Spelling- Helps your child begin to recognize that when letters are combined they form words.  We used letter tilesAffliation link.for this activity, but scrabble pieces work well too.

Shape Tractor– Your child will use visualization and spatial reasoning to begin to notice characteristics and properties of geometric shapes.

The Farmer in the Dell– Sing and act out this song using Rainbow Animals from Making Learning Fun.  Change the lyrics to include various farm animals and have your child be the farmer.

We hope you enjoy these lesson plans and please let us know if you have any issues with downloading or using the items provided.  

This post contains affilated links.  Please click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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    Another great week of plans. Can’t wait to get started next week!!

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