The Apple of His Eye

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This week our memory verse is Psalm 17:8.

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“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.”


  • You child’s FAVORITE toy, or lovey


  • Say the verse above with your child.  We suggest that you print the verse off and use it every morning with your calendar time.
  • If you don’t do calendar time still say the verse each morning with your tot before you begin tot school
  • Using your child’s lovey as an example, talk about the devotional with your tot

Talk about the Following with your child

You love your teddy bear very much, don’t you?  I bet that if even if you think REALLY hard you won’t be able to remember a time where he wasn’t with you, huh?  You snuggle with him every night in bed, and you take him with you to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Sometimes he even goes with us to the store!   I know that you love him, because you always want him to be with you, don’t you?  Did you know that God loves you just as much as you love your teddy bear?  Really, he does!  God loves you so much.  At night when you’re sleeping, did you know that He is with you?  Did you know that when we go to the store, or to Grandma and Grandpa’s, that God goes with us?  Just like you don’t want to be without your teddy bear, God doesn’t want to be without you, and that’s why He sent his son Jesus for us.  Our Bible verse tells us that we are the apple of God’s eye, and that is a very special way of saying that God loves us very much.  Will you pray with me and thank God for loving us?

Dear Father, We know that you love us so much.  You never want to be away from us, and we pray God, that we would never want to be away from you.  Thank you for sending Jesus to us.  Be with us today, and thank you for loving us.  Amen.

Questions to ask:

  • Who does God love more than anything?  You! 
  • How do we thank God for loving us?  We pray to Him and tell Him thank you. 
  • Why did God send Jesus to us?  Because He loves us. 

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