Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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The verse you will be working with your child on this week is Psalm 139:14.


  • Memory Verse Card for Psalm 139:14
  • Markers is several colors
  • Stick figure drawing with a blank face


  • Take several different color markers (like blue, brown, yellow, and green) and ask the child to give you the colors of the features they want on the person.
  • Ask, what color eyes should we give this person? What color hair? Should their hair be curly, or straight? Do you think this is a boy, or a girl?
  • Draw the features on the face, and follow the instructions of your tot. If they want blue hair, go with it!

Talk with your child about the following:
Its fun to pick what we draw on a picture, isn’t it?  Its fun to give make a drawing have silly hair, or pretty blue eyes? You didn’t get to pick what you look like, did you? Who do you think picked out what you looked like?  The answer is GOD! The Bible tells us that even before you were born God knew exactly what you’d be like. He knew what color eyes you would have, and whether your hair would be curly or straight.  He even knew who your mommy and daddy would be! Just like the person we made today, He picked everything out just for you! God knows that you are special because he made you that way! Its just like the verse we’ve been learning.   We know that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”! We also know that what God makes, He makes wonderful! You are wonderful to me, and you are just like God wanted you to be! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Questions to ask:

  • Who made you?  God
  • What else did God make?  Everything

 Additional Resources:

  • Mommy Devotional on the Memory Verse
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully by New Hope Music (Listen to the MP3)



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